Voice of Customer

Undoubtedly, providing the best possible service and satisfying customers has always been one of the main objectives of Shatel Group, and Shatel has always tried to realize this objective. One of the most effective steps Shatel has taken towards this objective is improving direct communication channels with customers and most specifically voice of customer section.

This section has been designed as a channel for quick and effective customer relationship with Shatel based on standardized and organized methods, and since its launch, it has been able to meet its main task of organizing requests and communicating with users in an effective way.

“Voice of Customer” is a platform for more co-ordination with users and benefiting from their notes, suggestions, complaints and criticisms for which there might not be another opportunity to be shared. On this page, you can simply share your suggestions, complaints and criticisms with us by completing a form.

All requests will be reviewed and answered approximately within the first day after the receipt of the request. If for some reasons, more time is needed for the review and follow up, the requestor will certainly be informed.

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