Smart Technical Support System

Shatel Group of Companies has launched a system to resolve Internet connection issues. Using this software and in the automatic test section, you can easily and without the need to contact Shatel technical support department, find out the reason of Internet disconnection on your service, and then, according to this software’s user-friendly guide, resolve the existing issues.
Also, using the common commands embedded in the “Practical Commands” section, you can act as quickly and easily as possible to fix existing problems. To use this software, first click on its link, download and install it on your system.

Note that to install this software it is required to install Net FramWork 4 software on your system. Make sure that you have downloaded this application from Shatel website. If you need more information, please click on the Software Guide.

This software has the ability to update automatically and, if there is a new version, it will be automatically updated.
Shatel Smart Technical Support System Guide
Download Shatel Smart Technical System for Windows OS
Download Shatel Smart Technical System for MAC OS
Download Shatel Smart Technical System for Android OS