Data Usage Management Guide

The amount of data usage in ADSL services is equal to the total amount of received and sent data on the Internet using ADSL services.

Receiving and sending data packets do not include only downloading and uploading, but any use of the Internet such as:

  • Opening web pages
  • Downloading and uploading files
  • Receiving and sending videos, photos, etc. in messaging applications such as Viber, Whatsapp, Telegram and so on.
  • Streaming videos or listening to news and music online
  • Remote monitoring of CCTV cameras over the internet

is calculated as data usage on the Internet service.

A few common examples are as follows:

  • Voice and Video Chat Software such as Viber, Skype, ooVoo and so on

Video chats, sending and receiving photos and videos, and recorded voice, downloading from the software server, etc. all will significantly use data.

  • Listening to Music Online and Streaming Videos

Watching online videos uses the same amount of data of your internet service data allowance. This means that streaming a video or downloading it uses up the same amount of data. Please note that streaming a movie for several times will use up the data multiplied by the number of the times you stream it.

  • Online Games

Playing online games such as Clash of Clans, World of War Craft, and so on will also add to your data usage.

  • Automatic Update of Windows, Antiviruses, Mobile Applications and so on

If these software updates are set in automatic mode, whenever you are connected to the Internet and there is an update available, they start downloading update packs and, as a result, your Internet data allowance will be used up. In order to prevent this, the automatic update of Windows and mobile applications should be disabled or set to be completed after user’s confirmation.

  • VPN

The use of VPNs, etc., is not an impediment to data usage and may also account for more data usage. Also, Shatel sometimes introduces offers for its subscribers, such as free or half price internet packages to be used on servers inside Iran. To use such offers, the users need to disconnect their VPN connection.

  • No wireless passwords

One of the most important factors that can cause excessive data usage is the absence of wireless passwords. In this case, anyone can connect to the wireless modem and use the data. To check the wireless modem password, you can read “Modem Setup & Installation Guide”.

It is also recommended that you change the wireless modem password from time to time.

  • Loading Sites

Loading webpages, reloading webpages, using web pages that use flash software and leaving these web pages open will use up the data.

In the past, most of the pages were in Html format and included no video and Flash files, so less data was needed to open them. Whereas, nowadays most pages include animated images and flashes, and thus use more data to load.

Managing Data Usage

To control and manage data usage, website contains a section that can be used to view various usage reports. The types of reports are as follows:

Reports Voice of Customer
High Speed Internet Data Usage Report Daily
Telephone Internet Package Report Monthly
Content Technical Reports


  • Monthly Report: This report includes reports based on solar months and will show you how much data you have used in each selected month.


  • Daily report: In this report, in addition to a report on data usage during the time period required, you can view the usage graph.

Note that users should control and manage data usage of each service, and each user had better check data usage by paying frequent visits to this page and checking their data usage report.



Shatel users who use Android smartphones can also download and install MyShatel application on their phone.



Bandwidth Monitoring Software

In case you are willing to check and manage your data usage in real time, you can use different bandwidth monitoring software, depending on the type of operating system and the number of systems that are connected to the Internet.

In the case only one system is connected to the Internet, it is recommended that you use Du Meter. The “DU meter software guide” is available on Shatel website.

Also, if several systems with different operating systems are connected to the Internet, installing one software on a single system is not enough and you should use STG software to check all received and sent data on the modem. To learn more about this software, read “STG software settings guide” on Shatel website.

Also, the number of smartphones that can be connected to the Internet has increased dramatically, which makes it difficult to check data usage in each one of them.

Monitoring Data Usage on Android Devices

You can use “Data usage” to manage and monitor data usage on Android Operating System.

This software displays the amount of data used by the mobile phone and determines how much data is used by each application installed on the mobile phone.

image009 1

 image010 1

image011 1

Data usage monitor application

Please note that due to the following reasons, the device’s data usage does not display the exact log of data usage.

  • No data breakdown based on different SSIDs
  • Calculating data transfer via Wi-Fi through applications such as: zapya-shareit
  • No limit on data usage when connected to Wi-Fi

You can use various applications such as Data Usage Monitor to control and view your data usage more precisely.

This app which is available for free on play store, displays accurate logs of data usage and is free of drawbacks of the device’s data usage application.

pic 8

pic 9

pic 10

Data Usage Breakdown by SSID when Connected to Wi-Fi

By clicking on Wi-Fi, you can check the SSIDs related to the used data.


12pic trafic

trafic 2

Setting Time Limits on Internet Access

If the Internet service is limited to a certain amount of data allowance, this application can be used to limit data usage.


Monitoring Data Usage on iOS Devices

You can use My Data Manager application, which is available for free in the AppStore, to monitor data usage on iOS devices.

By installing this application, you can check the total data usage of the device when connected to the Wi-Fi network at an hourly, daily and monthly basis. This application does not require any special settings.

image018 5

image019 4

image020 4

image021 4

Monitoring Bandwidth on Computers

Using the above applications, you can monitor your internet bandwidth. If your bandwidth is in use, go through the following steps:

  1. Make sure no software is downloading on your system. Using the Netstat -on command, you can check the programs running on your system.
  2. If there are no files being received or sent on your system, check how many systems are currently connected to the modem and using the data. Unplug all systems and check the bandwidth.
  3. If no system is connected, but the bandwidth is still being used, use the modem console to view and control the number of clients connected to the modem. To view those connected to the wireless modem, go to the Client List section of the modem. You can read “Modem Set up and Installation Guide” for directions.
  4. To prevent the Internet from being abused, you can define MAC Filter for the modem. With this feature, only the systems that are included in the modem console can access the Internet. To use MAC Filtering function, read “Modem Set up and Installation Guide.”
  5. If you have taken the steps above but the bandwidth is not still free, disable the wireless modem and make sure that there is no system connected to the modem. If doing all of these could not free up the bandwidth, you can reset the modem and finally upgrade it.

Auto Update

One of the things that consumes Internet data, without users being aware, is the automatic update of various apps.

Undoubtedly, updating applications is essential and you should always try to install the latest software version on your systems. Updates are often released to fix programs bugs or add new features, but sometimes these updates are downloaded without the user being informed or when it is not necessary, for example, Windows updates may consume a lot of Internet data, or updating apps installed on the mobile and tablet may be done while the user is unaware or when it is not necessary.

Disable Auto Update in Google Play on Android devices

On devices running on Android operating system, you can disable automatic updates of apps like Play Store, and update apps manually if needed. Deactivating Auto Update in Google Play Store app is done as follows.

image022 3

image023 2

image024 1

pic 11

Turn off Auto Update on iOS devices

ios 1

ios 2

Disable iCloud upload

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Photos.

image028 1

In this section, turn off iCloud Photo Library, Upload Burst Photos and iCloud Photo Sharing.


ios 3

Disable Backup in iCloud

One of the things that consumes a lot of internet data is the back-up of your phone data on iOS. If you do not need to back up your phone data, you can disable this option.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on Apple ID, iCloud… at the top of the page.

image031 2

  1. Select iCloud.
  2. Press Backup if it is on.

image032 2

image033 3

Turn off iCloud Backup here.

image034 1

Messaging Applications

Another reason for excessive data usage is messaging applications on social networks such as Telegram, Line, Viber, WhatsApp, Tango, etc.

Sending and receiving photos and videos automatically on messaging applications is responsible for the most data usage on these applications

Turn off automatic photo and video downloads in Telegram on Android

image035 1


Turn off automatic photo and video downloads in Telegram on iOS

ios 4

ios 5

Disable automatic photo and video downloads in Viber

viber 1

viber 2

viber 3

Disable automatic download of photos and videos in WhatsApp

whatsapp 1

whatsapp 2

whatsapp 3

View devices connected to the network via mobile phone and tablet using FING application

Another method to view the number of devices connected to the network is using Fing application. Using this software, you can see the Client List of the modem on your Android or iOS device.


Note: Considering the fact that applications have access to different parts of the device, always pay attention to the accesses before installing the application, and always download applications from its official site or reputable references such as Google Play Store and App Store.

Fing application accesses


image046 1

image047 1

Technical Recommendations

  1. As you know, these days, data usage has increased dramatically due to the creation and expansion of new functions.

At the moment, due to the increasing need of users, the speed of services provided by Internet companies has increased significantly. For example, the 1Mbps service, which in the past was one of the fastest Internet services, has been replaced by 16Mbps or higher services. Using this service, users can download files, that were downloaded in 16 minutes in the past, in 1 minute. This means that if you spent 10 minutes a day surfing the Internet in the past, you could use an average of 76800MB of data, whereas, now with 16Mbps services, you can use 1228800MB of data that is 16 times bigger.

  1. Always equip the system or systems connected to the Internet with an up-to-date Internet Security software.
  2. Note that if you are using a wireless modem, you have to set a password for the modem. Change the wireless password of your modem once a year.
  3. Note that the password you choose for your wireless modem should be chosen in such a way that it cannot be detected and guessed by others. (For example, do not choose your mobile phone number, home phone number, and your first and last name as a wireless password.)
  4. Avoid giving your wireless password to strangers.
  5. When choosing a wireless password, try to select a combination of numbers, letters, and at least of 10 characters.
  6. When setting the password for your wireless modem, use the WPA or WPA2 encryption method.
  7. In companies and organizations, if possible, install a server for Internet security.
  8. Turn off your modem when you do not need it.
  9. Change the login password to the modem console, which is “admin” by default.
  10. Avoid opening attachments to anonymous emails because these files may contain malicious programs that steal personal information or disable computers.

In case of any problem, you can contact Shatel Technical Support department in one of the following ways 24 hours a day.

  • Contact 91000000
  • Send an email to
  • Online chat on Shatel website