home phone services

Home Phone Services

These services are provided on Shatel high-speed internet and to the home users of Shatel fixed internet and can be provided in several ways.

Although Shatel has mainly focused on providing phone services to companies and organizations in order to expand its market share, in recent years and to meet users’ need, these services are also available to home users in two ways:

1. Home ShatelTalk

2. Phone service for residential and business buildings


Home Phone Services
Shatel Landline Telephone Services

Shatel Landline Telephone Services

Cheap & Quality Calls with home phone services

Call any domestic and international number with no restrictions and regardless of the destination operator. Enjoy the support service 24/7. Get as many new phone numbers as you need. Keep your phone line with all its features forever. Make phone calls with no data usage.

Landline over the Internet with a Dedicated Phone Number

ShatelTalk Application

ShatelTalk application is ideal for Shatel high-speed internet service users who want to use Home ShatelTalk service with a new dedicated number on their smartphone. It is worth mentioning that ShatelTalk app can only be used on Shatel network.

  • Having a dedicated number on mobile phone without the need for a SIM card
  • Taking advantage of the features of a landline phone on a mobile phone
  • Possible to move to a new address within the province
  • Selecting the phone number at the time of purchase
ShatelTalk Application