Voice Services Tariffs

Landline services’ patent cost/home phone services

Landline services patent/ home phone services
2.000.000 Rials

Landline tariffs/home phone services

Types Tariffs (Rial)
Intra-provincial landline to landline (each minute) 40
Inter-provincial landline to landline (each minute) 300
Landline to cell phone operators (each minute) 570
Intra-provincial shatel to shatel (each minute) 40
Inter-provincial shatel to shatel (each minute) 300

Landline credit packages/home phone services

Credit packages
20.000 Rials 50.000 Rials 100.000 Rials 200.000 Rials 500.000 Rials


  • Landline services’ patent cost: 2.000.000 Rials. 1.000.000 Rials at the purchase time, and the rest within 36 months ( 27.777 Rials each month)
  • Installation cost: 100.000 Rials
  • To increase your credit, use your My.Shatel.ir account (according to table No.4)
  • Intra-provincial landline to landline costs are computed per minute rates
  • Inter-provincial landline to landline and Landline to cell phone costs are computed per 30 seconds rates
  • Minimum monthly usage for landline subscribers would be computed as 200 minutes of intra-provincial call for subscribers in towns and 330 minutes of intra-provincial call for other subscribers
  • Subscribers are to pay the subscription cost
  • Customers, should purchase credit packages (according to table No.4) to use Voice services, after paying the fixed costs. It should be noted that, the credit packages are based on Pay As You Go method and subscribers could use purchased credit according to Shatel`s tariffs.
  • Credit packages are valid for 6 months from the time of purchase
  • The Voice service bill, would be a bill separate from other services (like DSL service)
  • VAT would be added to bills (according to law for the fifth development plan of the country)