Home Phone Services

Although Shatel has mainly focused on providing phone services to companies and organizations in order to expand its market share, in recent years and to meet users’ need, these services are also available to home users in two ways:

  • Home ShatelTalk

Shatel offered home phone services to users on ShatelTalk application, and fortunately a number of customers have used this solution over the past few years. But since providing services with the expected level of quality has always been one of the basic principles of Shatel company, due to the existing problems and conditions caused by sanctions, unfortunately, it is not possible to develop and upgrade ShatelTalk application, which is based on a software developed in another country, and therefore, the provision of these services is limited to customers who are already the users of the service.

This group of customers also have to use applications such as Zioper to use these services. You can download the installation and activation guide of this application at this address, or use other similar applications.

  • Phone service for residential and business buildings

In addition to providing high-speed Internet services, Shatel also offers special telephone services in residential and business buildings. These services are provided to customers on copper wires and on ordinary telephone sets.

In fact, in buildings that are not equipped with telephone service, it is also possible to offer phone services to customers by means of special equipment and along with high-speed Internet services. To this purpose, customers need to send their request to Shatel. Undoubtedly, our colleagues will provide access to these services for the customers of the building in the shortest time possible.

For more information about this service, you can call 91000911.

Most important features of Home phone services:

By means of Home phone services you can:

  • Pay less and talk more.
  • Call any number in Iran and around the world, without limitation and with no need for an operator at the destination.
  • Enjoy service support 24/7.
  • Get as many phone numbers as you need.
  • Own your regular phone line with all its features forever.
  • Make phone calls with no internet usage


  •  What is the first step in getting a Home phone service?

You can get this service by completing the online form for buying a new phone number at Myshatel or by contacting Shatel sales department at 91000000.

  •  Is it possible to have one single phone number across the country?

Yes, this service is available throughout the country.

  •  Does Shatel charge users a fixed monthly fee (subscription) for this service?

No, Shatel does not charge a monthly subscription fee.

  •  Is it possible to move the number in case the address changes?

Yes. As this service can be provided on different platforms, it is possible to move the service throughout the province after assessing the conditions in different geographical areas.

  •  What will be Shatel technical support services for Home phone service like?

home phone service includes 24/7 after-sales service and technical support.

  •  Is it possible to receive other Shatel communication services along with this service?

Yes, it is possible to receive multiple services on one platform simultaneously.

  •  How much do calls cost on this service?

All prices can be viewed on Home ShatelTalk Service page.