High Speed Internet ADSL2+

Quality and Affordable Communication for Home Users

Shatel ADSL2+ Internet provides you with a service with a speed of up to 16 Mbps. This service is mainly suitable for home users and small businesses.

Currently, hundreds of thousands of home users and companies across the country use these services and enjoy Shatel support services round the clock.

VDSL High Speed Internet

Highest Speed, at the Most Reasonable Cost for Home Users

This service offers high-speed Internet at an average speed of 70 Mbps, at a much more reasonable price than ADSL service price. This service is suitable for both home users and businesses.

Shatel has started providing high-speed Internet services on FTTC platform for the first time in the country.

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High Speed Internet Services for Residential & Business Buildings

Dedicated Access to Internet Services in the Shortest Possible Time and with Maximum Quality

Shatel provides high-speed Internet services to residents of residential and business buildings by installing special equipment. It is possible to provide fixed high-speed internet services and other Shatel services to the residents, regardless of the telecommunication platform by installing cabinets and special equipment in the building.

High Speed Internet on Wireless Platform (PTMP)

A Wide Range of Entertainment and Services

Shatel fixed high speed internet is also available on wireless platform. In this method, Shatel fixed internet services can be provided at high speed and quality to the users who face limitations on telecommunication facilities, by installing the required receivers and equipment.

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