Sunday، 21 November 2021
Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction Survey

Communications Regulatory Authority’ Survey

As CRA has launched a system called “Evaluating User Satisfaction with Information Technology Services”, Shatel will be grateful if you share your ideas with us by participating in the survey to improve the services offered by the operators.

It is worth mentioning that, when the survey is over, the results can be seen on of the Communications Regulatory Authority’s website.

User Satisfaction with Information Technology Services Survey

To thank users who take part in the survey, Shatel has considered a 1-month free subscription to Namava and free internet usage on this website as a gift, which will be given to the winners of a draw that will be held when the survey is over.

The winners will be announced on Shatel’s website and social media.

Shatel’s Survey

Your points of view, suggestions and solutions can always improve our performance and pave the way for us to provide better services. In this section, you can inform us of your valuable comments and suggestions by participating in our survey. To complete the survey, please visit MyShatel website and participate in Customer Satisfaction with Shatel Services survey through the following path:

Log into MyShatel website> Voice of Customer> Survey> Shatel Group of Companies

Thank you very much for your feedback and helping us evaluate Shatel performance.

Shatel Survey on Society

Shatel company intends to evaluate its current position and image by conducting a survey of people in the society.

We would be grateful if you could help us evaluate our current image and gain a position for better service by filling out Shatel Survey form.

This form contains a few short questions that take less than 5 minutes to answer, but the results can be very effective in creating positive developments and improving our performance in customer service.

We appreciate all respectful ones who help us achieve this goal.

Click to access Shatel online survey form.

Shatel Online Survey form