VDSL High Speed Internet

High quality and affordable

VDSL, also known as Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line, offers access to the latest generation of high-speed Internet services, delivering speeds several times faster than the previous ADSL2+ technology. Shatel has effectively introduced VDSL services in residential and business buildings, and is now extending these services to telecommunication centers and cabinets, with plans to further expand coverage areas in the near future through a strategic development roadmap.

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What is VDSL?

Experience speeds up to 80 Mbps

VDSL, or Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line, is a cutting-edge technology that enables users to access the next level of high-speed Internet services. With speeds several times faster than traditional services, VDSL revolutionizes the way we connect to the Internet. Moreover, the transition from ADSL2+ to VDSL is not only swift but also cost-effective, resulting in a significant enhancement in the user experience of fixed high-speed Internet services.

اینترنت VDSL
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How is Shatel’s VDSL service provided?

Implementation with various methods

Service provision on FTTC platform (by means of Shatel’s cabinets)

The process involves the installation of cabinets housing equipment in various locations throughout the city to enable the provision of high-speed VDSL internet near these cabinets. Fiber optics are then utilized to connect the telecommunication center to the cabinets, followed by the connection of the VDSL cabinet to the user’s location using copper cables to deliver the service.

Telecommunication centers equipped with VDSL equipment

If the distance between the user’s location and the telecommunication center equipped with VDSL equipment is minimal, the service can be easily provided.

Residential & business buildings

If the residents of residential and business buildings reach a consensus on the installation of cabinets and VDSL equipment within the premises, all residents can have access to the VDSL service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The distinction between ADSL and VDSL services lies primarily in their download and upload speeds. ADSL2+ offers a maximum download speed of 16Mbps, whereas VDSL can reach up to 80Mbps. Additionally, VDSL is more economical compared to ADSL2+. Currently, VDSL service is exclusively available in Tehran, Qom, and Dezful.

At present, VDSL service is available in Tehran, Qom, and Dezful. Shatel is actively working on expanding the necessary infrastructure to offer this service in other cities, too.

Yes. Indeed, it is possible to achieve speeds of up to 20Mbps using ADSL2+ modems. However, in order to fully utilize the maximum speed offered by VDSL service, it is advisable to use a VDSL modem.

Registering a request to receive VDSL internet

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