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Dedicated Internet

Dedicated Broadband internet is a reliable solution that enables businesses to make a stable and consistent connection to the worldwide web. With top-notch quality and limitless bandwidth, this solution can enhance operational efficiency and boost the company’s competitive advantage.

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Limited Dedicated Internet

Optimal Broadband Internet allows businesses to receive an acceptable quality of Internet connection at a reasonable cost, according to their usage history and according to the speed and amount of data they need. This is particularly advantageous for small and medium-sized businesses, startups, and educational centers that prioritize cost control and need a tailored internet solution to meet their specific requirements.

Phone for Business (VoIP)

VoIP provides businesses, regardless of their size, with the chance to conveniently enhance their corporate phone system as they expand their operations, ensuring top-notch call quality at all times. Shatel offers two variations of its VoIP solution to the diverse requirements of businesses: Shatel Talk based on SIP trunk technology and Cloud Shatel Talk for cloud-based call centers. The Cloud Shatel Talk operates on cloud technology, eliminating the need for physical servers, whereas the enterprise landline option utilizes SIP trunk technology.

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Server Hosting (Colocation)

By using world-class equipment from the most reputable brands in the field and deploying staff to oversee server operations around the clock, Shatel Data Center has created the safest environment for storing this valuable asset outside the business premises. Moreover, the affordability of server hosting services at the data center presents a compelling option for businesses looking to outsource their server management.

Private Network (VPN, APN, MPLS & VPLS)

Point-to-point connection solutions, such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), Access Point Name (APN), MPLS, and VPLS, enable businesses to establish reliable and protected connection between their branches and offices nationwide. By implementing point-to-point connection, organizations can enhance productivity while ensuring that data transmission remains secure and free from any potential damage, thanks to adherence to stringent security protocols.

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Sim Only Plan

Shatel ventured into the mobile services market in order to enhance its range of communication and telecommunication offerings. Consequently, Shatel Mobile Communication Development Company, operating under the brand name “Shatel Mobile”, commenced its operations as a Full MNVO in 2015. The mobile platform’s fundamental solution can be made available to all organizations as enterprise products and services.

This solution is specifically designed and tailored to meet the unique requirements of any industry and is offered to the organization accordingly. It effectively identifies and addresses the needs of the customer, providing a comprehensive solution. Within this category of solutions, the telecommunications platform, as a complement to the customer value chain, from supply to support, along with other existing infrastructure, leads to the creation of new value and helps the organization to capitalize on opportunities. ShatelMobile offers the following enterprise solutions.

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