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Affordable and available

Shatel’s high-speed ADSL services have gained popularity among internet home users. This popularity is due to their cost-effectiveness and satisfactory speed for home users, which make ADSL services a main option for users to access internet connection.

The 24-hour support provided by Shatel’s technical and sales experts has attracted millions of users to utilize their services. Presently, Shatel’s ADSL services cover all telecommunication centers in Tehran province and a significant number of centers in other provinces as well.

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Purchase ADSL Internet Service

Shopping with various methods

In order to purchase ADSL internet service, it is necessary to have a landline phone. Once you have verified the availability of Shatel service in your telecommunication center, it is important to assess which ADSL Internet plan aligns with your requirements in terms of duration and data limit. Subsequently, you can proceed with choosing the modem and finalizing the contract, enabling you to conveniently make the payment for the service online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To receive ADSL service, you will require an ADSL modem that is connected to your phone line along with the devices you wish to use for internet access.

It is essential to verify if your telecommunication center is within the coverage area of Shatel service. For any queries or clarifications, please contact the nationwide line at 02191000000.

No – It is possible to utilize alternative methods like radio communication, fiber optic internet (where accessible), and a Shatel Mobile SIM card to access high-speed home internet if you do not have a landline.

Yes, it is indeed feasible to obtain uncapped ADSL internet service. For further details regarding the specifics of the uncapped ADSL service, please contact us at 02191000000.

Compared to other internet services, the pricing of ADSL service is generally more affordable. Opting for ADSL is a cost-effective solution to access high-speed internet, especially when compared to alternatives such as optical fiber, radio communication, SIM card, and so on.

The distinction between ADSL and VDSL lies in the equipment utilized and the quality of each service. VDSL requires cabling from the telecommunication center to the Shatel distribution point using optical fiber, with copper wire extending from the distribution point to the user’s location. By incorporating optical fiber in a part of the VDSL cabling path, download speeds of up to 80 Mbps can be achieved. VDSL service is commonly utilized by residents of residential and business buildings, necessitating a designated area within the building for the installation of the equipment.

To renew or upgrade your ADSL service, simply visit or use the MyShatel application. This will allow you to renew your active service or enhance your ADSL internet speed by purchasing a new ADSL internet package.

The optimal ADSL internet service for gaming is one that offers low ping and competitive pricing. Shatel has introduced a game profile feature for ADSL2+ users to ensure minimal ping, making it a popular choice among gamers. Moreover, Shatel provides packages with generous data allowances at affordable prices, catering to users with high data usage. As a result, many gamers opt for this service when purchasing ADSL internet.

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