We do not trade your smile for the world!

By providing valuable and innovative communication and content services and solutions, and adhering to professional ethics and social responsibilities, Shatel considers its mission to create a smile of satisfaction in society.
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Shatel Mobile Smart SIM Card

The only mobile operator providing smart SIM card with call, SMS and 4G/LTE internet
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Telephony Services

New Generation of Phone Services with Unique Features
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High Speed Internet Services

Best Solution to Access Fixed Internet

Fixed-Mobile Convergence Services

The convergence of mobile & ADSL2+ internet

Residential & Business Buildings

Residential & Business Building services, a Secure Solution to Access the Internet
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Online Movies and TV Series

Creating an Enjoyable Online Experience
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Shatel Optical Fiber Internet

The Experience of a Speed of 100 to 1000 Mbps

The optical fiber internet service is a cutting-edge fixed communication technology that utilizes light for data transmission, eliminating the need for copper cables to connect to the global internet network. Consequently, the service remains unaffected by electromagnetic noise, ensuring exceptional quality and stability. Notably, the advantages of this service include high quality, the absence of a landline requirement, and impressive sending and receiving speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. Shatel, in alignment with global technological advancements, has successfully introduced and enhanced the platform for delivering this service within its network.

VDSL High Speed Internet

Highest Speed, at the Most Reasonable Cost for Home Users

This service offers high-speed Internet at an average speed of 70 Mbps, at a much more reasonable price than ADSL service price. This service is suitable for both home users and businesses.

Shatel has started providing high-speed Internet services on FTTC platform for the first time in the country.

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Tuesday، 11 June 2024
Shatel’s 50, 120 & 400GB Silver Internet packages will be offered to users all over the country at special discounts from June 12 to June 20, 2024. Due to the warm welcome Shatel previous special offers received from the customers, Shatel has considered special discounts on Shatel silver internet packages on the last days of ...
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Sunday، 9 June 2024
In order to express our gratitude for the support we receive from our valued customers, and as previously promised, we are pleased to announce a special discount on high-speed Internet packages for Shatel users! Shatel users can visit my.Shatel.ir on Monday June 10 and purchase 100GB internet packages at a 50% discount and a 1-year ...