Support Services User Guide

Thank you for choosing Shatel Services. Shatel Service Support department is available and ready to answer customers’ questions 24/ 7/ 365. Undoubtedly, when you contact the service support team, experts in this department who are chosen from among the most experienced and skilled experts and professionals will do their best to promptly and quickly respond and resolve your problems. If you would like to contact Shatel support team, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Call 91000000 and talk about your problem with the experts.
  • On site, chat online with technical support experts and ask your questions.
  • Sign in on site, go to “Voice of the customer” section, choose “Announce a Problem”, and explain your problem so that our experts respond to you in the shortest time possible.
  • Email us at (mention your problem, your profile, and user ID in this email) so that our colleagues can answer you as soon as possible.

You can also resolve your service problems without having to contact technical support department experts:

  • By visiting Shatel site and studying the documentation in this section, you can identify your service problems and fix it using the related guidance.
  • By downloading “Shatel Smart Technical Support System” program, you can resolve your Internet service problems automatically and in the shortest possible time and without the need to make a phone call. Note that the prerequisite for using this software is to install NetFramWork 4 on your system.

In case you would like your problem to be resolved in your location, you can call 91000000.

and register your request. Shatel support team will immediately contact the customer upon request to schedule an in-person visit to the customer’s location to resolve the problem. If the problem is due to a malfunction in Shatel services, the cost will be borne by Shatel, and otherwise, the cost of providing complementary services will be borne by the customer in accordance with Shatel tariffs.
Features of Technical Support Services
Using all its technical and scientific backgrounds as well as its proven expertise in delivering services to thousands of customers, Shatel tries to employ effective methods to support its services. The most important features of Shatel Support Services can be summarized as follows:

  • Professional and Experienced Support Staff

Recruiting employees and professionals who have a special spirit of respect and empathy with the customers and are patient with addressing customers’ problems, is a common practice in choosing Shatel support experts. These experts are chosen from among those who are knowledgeable enough to answer customers’ questions and provide the customers with the proper answer to their questions in the least time and cost.

  • Using Automated Customer Service to Address Customer’s Issues

With the help of IT tools, Shatel tries to automate the mechanism of responding to customers in the best possible way so that the customers can get the most effective response as quickly as possible. In this method, when the customer calls and expresses a problem, this is recorded in the related software and a ticket is registered for the problem. Then the experts find the proper solution to the problem and close the ticket. All of the above is done according to a specific schedule and if, at any stage, the expert is not capable to solve the problem, they will refer the problem to a senior expert to resolve it. The tickets registered in the software will be visible at the time of subscriber’s future calls and will help the problem to be resolved more quickly.

  • Unlimited Service Support

By even accepting the responsibility of performing activities not mentioned in the contract, Shatel tries to offer full customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Addressing Customer Problems in the Shortest Time

All Shatel experts and support staff try to solve customer problems as soon as possible by accurately identifying the problems. Problems of each customer is addressed by a specific team and in the shortest time through phone calls or in-person visits on the same day.