Service Provisioning Process

1) What steps are taken to launch the service?
  • • Applicants call 91000000 Ext 1 and then Ext 2 and contact sales department or register online on
  • • The contract is signed online through  shatel or the hard copy is sent to the company or during applicant’s in-person visit to one of official branches or franchises of the company

Note: It should be noted that when a subscriber purchases a service, their user ID and password will be sent to them through an SMS and the subscriber can log into user panel and proceed with the process; documents can be uploaded on or emailed to or faxed to 91000003.

  • • Port assignment and asking telecommunication center for line activation
  • • Line activation by telecommunication center
  • • Making arrangements to install the service
  • • In-person or on the phone installation (guided by technical support experts)
2) What does the term “activation” mean?
An “activated” line is a telephone line that can transmit voice and data simultaneously on one line in different frequencies. Therefore, it is possible to deliver ADSL / ADSL2+ services on the line.
Before you can use your line as an ADSL / ADSL2+ line, your line should go through activation process by the telecommunication center and at the request of the service provider.