Fixed Internet Data Top-up

You can renew your service for a specific period of time after the end of the service period, using one of the following methods: online, in-person or telephone. The methods to extend or top up ADSL2+ high speed internet services are as follows:

Online Top up

To use the online method to renew or top up the service, you just need to click one of the following links:

MyShatel App    MyShatel Website

In-person Service Renewal

Another way to renew or top up the service is to visit Shatel headquarter or Shatel offices nationwide and to pay the last bill in person.

Shatel Agents’ Address

Service Renewal through Phone call in case of positive credit balance

If your credit balance is positive, or in other words you were the creditor in your last bill, you can renew or top up your internet service according to your balance.