Purchase Shatel Internet Packages

You can buy Shatel Internet packages in different ways:

  • If you are connected to the internet, the easiest way is to buy packages online.

Visit MyShatel website or application. Log into your account using your username and password. Click “Purchase internet package” to view the packages and Shatel special offers on internet packages. After selecting the package, make payment using a bank card that is connected to Shetab network and the second dynamic password and complete the purchase process. The internet allowance is then added to the service internet allowance and you can use it right away.

Prices of ADSL2+ high speed Internet Services and Equipment

  • In-person visit to Customer Affairs department at Shatel Headquarters or agents

If you cannot buy packages online, you can visit Shatel Customer Affairs department and buy internet packages.

Shatel Headquarters Address: No. 2, Shatek Company, Elahieh Dead End, Shariati St., Tehran

Addresses of Shatel Agents in the Country

  • Over the Phone if the Account Balance is Positive

If your balance is positive or you are a so-called creditor, you can call our colleagues in the sales department at 91000000, and after authentication, purchase an internet package.