Namava FAQ

1) Why do I need to subscribe to the site to watch films?
The copyright of all Iranian and foreign films, series, animations and documentaries on Namava have been purchased to be offered on this site.

By paying the subscription fee, you not only watch films legally, but also support the right of the owners of the works while helping producing higher-quality contents. In addition, by purchasing subscriptions to Namava, you will have access to all the content on this website during the subscription period, and you can watch each one as many times as you like.

2) Can I buy a subscription using my account credit balance?
Yes. Users who already have positive credit balance can use it to buy a subscription. Furthermore, if your credit balance is less than the amount you need, you can increase your credit balance and then purchase the subscription for the desired time period.
3) Is it possible to download films from Namava?
Yes, you can download a limited number of films, and based on some specific rules, on Namava application.
4) How can films be downloaded?
Each user can download a maximum of 10 titles of films only through Namava application and watch them offline when they do not have access to the Internet. But in order to respect the copyright effect, there are rules to download films.
5) What are the rules and regulations for downloading films on Namava?
  • It is only possible to download films on Namava application.
  • The maximum number of films allowed in the list of downloaded movies is 10, and you must remove one or more movies from the list to make it possible to download other movies.
  • To watch downloaded films and series offline, the user needs an active subscription, if your subscription is over, you must renew your subscription.
  • Downloaded films and series can be watched for three weeks, after which the download will expire.
  • The downloaded film is available for a week after the first time the user watches it and then expires.
6) Films on Namava are not played on Smart TVs. What is wrong?
Due to the high diversity in operating systems and smart TV software, we are working to make the system compatible with all of these systems.

But if the films are not played on your smart TV:

  • Determine your Smart Tv model
  • Log in to m. using your username (your mobile phone number or email) and type in your support code at the top of the page
  • • There are 5 test links on m.namava,ir. Click on all 5 links and check if they open. Then, check if the film you want to watch is being displayed on each link and report the result. For example: link1 result, did the link open? Yes/ No Did the film play? Yes/ No
    Link2 result, did the link open? Yes/ No Did the film play? Yes/ No
    Link3 result, did the link open? Yes/ No Did the film play? Yes/ No
    Link4 result, did the link open? Yes/ No Did the film play? Yes/ No
    Link5 result, did the link open? Yes/ No Did the film play? Yes/ No
  • Determine your internet operator. Email the result to, so that the problem can be resolved.
7) If a problem occurs with subscription activation or payment while purchasing a subscription through Namava, how can follow and resolve the problem?
Email your request to or call us at 91000111.
8) How can I use the free internet allowance specific to Shatel users?
If you use Shatel internet to watch films on Namava website or application, it will authomatically detected and your usage on Namava will be free.
9) Should I purchase a subscription to Namava even if I am a shatel user?
Yes, to watch films and series on Namava you need a subscription but your internet usage will be free.
10) Is Namava website exclusive to users of Shatel high speed Internet services?
No, it is possible for all users to use Namava and watch films on Namava, with the exception that certain special offers are exclusively available to Shatel subscribers such as the free internet usage.
11) I requested to receive a new password on Namava, but the link to receive the new password is not active. What should I do?
If you do not use the link provided in the Email in response to “I forgot my password”, this link will be disabled after 24 hours. If there is any problem, please contact or 91000111.
12) When purchasing subscription to Namava, the amount deducted from my credit balance was more than the subscription fee. What should I do?
First, please wait for 72 working hours; then check your account. In case the amount has not been refunded to your account, send the completed request form on Contact Us and attach a print of your account, the number of the debit card you used to make the payment, your subscription code (in case you are a Shatel user), the email address or phone number used to log into the site, and the order code that is visible in the order section of the site and date and time of payment. Our colleagues will review this request in the shortest time possible and inform you of the result. If the payment has been refunded by Namava but you have not received it in your account, you should contact the support team of the bank gateway you used. Note that if you buy the subscription from Namava application and download the app from Cafe Bazaar or Myket, your payment will be made through the gateways of the mentioned apps. In this case, to follow up, you should contact the support team of the application or send us the purchase token related to the Namava subscription from the Your Purchases Section on the mentioned application.
13) Can I use free internet usage when I purchase a subscription to Namava?
You can enjoy the free internet usage on Namava if you are a Shatel user. You can refer to Namava website to check the conditions for the users of other internet operators.
14) In case a user owns several different ADSL services of Shatel, and has purchased the subscription to Namava for an ID, is it possible to transfer the subscription to another ID?
No, it is not possible to transfer the credit and subscription purchased on Namava to other Shatel IDs.
15) Where can a paid order code be viewed?
After logging into Namava website, click on the username on the top left of the page and select the order list in the menu. you can see the paid order codes in the order menu.
16) Is there a limit to watching films that have been purchased?
There is no limit after purchasing the subscription until the subscription period expires.