Shatel High-speed Internet Service on Wireless Platform using PTMP Technology

Shatel Information and Communication Technology Group provides PTMP service to customers who face telecommunications constraints or those who experience problems with infrastructure and service platform.

Shatel PTMP service is designed on a wireless platform and transmits bandwidth in a way that is similar to the WiFi method. Users can now order Shatel PTMP service anywhere in the country that is covered by these services.

In this method, due to the platform (wireless communication), there is no need for a telephone line or wire. So, it is possible to provide services to users who cannot use ADSL services due to the telecommunications platforms (PCM, Fiber optic, …).

In addition, the elimination of steps related to telecommunications arrangements, such as line activation, also makes it possible to set up a service and provide services in a very short period of time (24 hours from the time of request registration).

Most important features of high-speed internet services using PTMP technology

  • Transferring higher bandwidth without usual restrictions
  • No restrictions due to the telecommunication platform
  • Fast and easy provision, without any telecommunication arrangements such as phone line activation
  • Providing service in places where, for any reason, it is not possible to provide a quality service.
  • High quality and stability of services

Steps to setting up and activating the service

In order to communicate by radio waves, there should be a direct line of sight between the service provider and service receiver.

After contacting Shatel sales department, if you wish, or if there are problems such as PCM and fiber optic telephone lines, which limit the possibility of providing ADSL2 + service, the PTMP service will be introduced to you and a text message will be sent to you, to which you can reply and specify the location of the service. So, it will be determined whether there is a direct line of sight between Shatel local sites and your location or not, and if it is possible to provide service, next steps can be taken to install the service. To view the PTMP service tariff form, refer to the Price List and Terms of Point to Multi Point Connection (PTMP) service page.

After conducting the site survey, the follow-ups required to send the contract package and equipment (CPE) will be done by Shatel experts, and after completing the documents and other steps, the service will be delivered to the subscriber within 1 to 2 working days.

Steps at a Glance:

سرویس PTMP


  • These are approximate times and can vary depending on what day of the week (beginning or end of the week) the order is submitted.
  • Customer cooperation in preparing documents, answering the phone and facilitating the installation process will affect the duration of the process.
  • Sometimes, after the initial Site Survey, there may be some obstacles, problems with direct line of sight and disturbances in communication between the sender (Shatel) and the receiver (customer location), in which case it is necessary to do Site Survey again.

Equipment required to receive PTMP service:

To use PTMP services, you need a suitable radio receiver (CPE) that will be installed on the roof.

An ADSL modem or Access Point for on-site Internet distribution, Power Over Eternet (POE) which supplies power to the equipment via the internal network, the antenna base that is installed on the roof if needed, and the LAN cable, are the equipment needed to provide this service.

In addition, it is necessary to do cabling from the antenna to the modem. So, the cable is another equipment required to provide this service.

مراحل راه‌اندازی سرویس PTMP


تجهیزات مورد نیاز سرویس PTMP

Access point/Modem

تجهیزات مورد نیاز سرویس PTMP

Antenna Base- Transmitter mast

تجهیزات مورد نیاز سرویس PTMP

(Lan Cable (Cat5

تجهیزات مورد نیاز سرویس PTMP

Outdoor CPE/Mikrotik Radio

How to order PTMP services

Call sales experts at 91000000 to send a request for PTMP service.

After contacting Shatel experts and after site survey, your request for the service will be registered and the necessary coordination will be done so that PTMP service can be provided to you.

To extend or change the PTMP service period, you can visit application or website.