1) What is IP?
IP stands for Internet Protocol and specifies a standard and universally approved method for computers to communicate over the Internet. IPs are categorized in two groups of:

  • Valid & Invalid
  • Static & Dynamic

If the IP is valued and known on the global network, it is Valid, and if it is not known (for example, it is only valuable on the intranet), it will be known as Invalid.

2) What is static IP?
If the IP address does not change, it is called a Static IP. A Dynamic IP can change whenever there is a disconnection.
3) What is Static IP on a SIM card?
For the first time in Iran, Shatel Mobile has offered a “static IP on SIM card” solution for organizations, businesses and individuals who want to have a unique, valid and permanent ID in the world of the Internet on their mobile phone or 3G / 4G modem.
4) How much do receiving or maintaining IP addresses cost?
  • The maintenance of a single static IP costs 55,000 Tomans.
  • The 4-range IP costs 220,000 Tomans per month.
  • The 8-range IP costs 440,000 Tomans per month.
  • The 16-range IP costs 880,000 Tomans per month.

It should be noted that by receiving a static IP, you can use dedicated services for subscribers who use Shatel IPs.
These services include:

  • Tips on the settings on the modem device
  • Mechanized notification if any security problem is detected on the IP provided to users
  • Port 80 being available to users
  • Shatel Range Ips being registered in global databases

(Provision of IP to Internet cafes is subject to cyber police approval).

5) What documents are required to apply for an IP?
Applicants can apply for and receive an IP address by submitting a signed and stamped application and agreement forms.
6) What services are allowed to receive a single static IP, 4-range and 8-range IPs?

For information on the number of IPs that can be provided on the services, you can call 91000000.