Bandwidth Services

Providing organizations and companies all over the country with internet bandwidth services is another enterprise solution offered by Shatel. This solution allows organizations to benefit from a bandwidth service to connect to the internet and to establish communication between different geographical locations and offices. This solution can be provided on different platforms:

  • Copper Wire (XDSL)
  • Wireless
  • Optical Fiber

Currently, hundreds of organizations and companies in the country are using Shatel bandwidth solution through one of the following services:

  • Dedicated Internet Bandwidth Service
  • Optimal Internet Bandwidth Service
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • MPLS & VPLS Solutions
  • IXP and Transmission Service

Dedicated Bandwidth Solution

Dedicated bandwidth service is a solution that makes access to a high-quality internet service free of contention ratio possible, and due to its nature and cost, it is often used by companies and organizations.

Optimal Bandwidth Solution

This service, same as Dedicated Service, but by offering usage-based billing, provides users with the most optimal service. Hotels, hospitals, educational centers, offices and start-ups can benefit from this solution.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Another Shatel bandwidth solution is a point-to-point connection solution that is used to create virtual private networks to connect two or more points of the organization and send and receive data. Many organizations need a stable and dedicated platform across the country to establish secure communication between their offices and branches. Shatel VPN service also provides such a platform to the customers.

MPLS & VPLS Solutions

  • MPLS: MPLS is a mechanism in which each IP packet is assigned a label or tag and packet routing is done based on these tags. Each MPLS cloud connection point has a unique tag. This technique allows customers to create their own network throughout the country or with any type of protocol.
  • VPLS: VPLS is a layer 2 network that allows MAC address to connect in the form of Multi Point on MPLS or IP platform. VPLS speeds up data transfer, and is much cheaper to implement and less complicated than MPLS service.

Transmission and IXP Solutions

Transmission solution has been designed for transferring customer’s traffic from all telecommunication centers of the provinces using the required facilities and equipment, while IXP solution (selling internal bandwidth through cross-network connection) has been considered to establish a direct bilateral connection so that both sides can use hosted content.

Why are Shatel Bandwidth Services recommended?

If you have not yet decided to choose Shatel as your internet service provider, the following points can help you make up your mind. Some of the most important features of Shatel Bandwidth Services include:

  • Owning the highest internet bandwidth in the country
  • Using a number of international routes as the backup to lower the risk of unpredicted events.
  • Benefiting from a number of quipped data centers as backup in Shatel network management
  • Communications backbone and infrastructure in all provinces and 30 provincial aggregation points
  • A skilled technical team serving bandwidth customers 24/7
  • Provision of Enterprise solutions such as Shatel Phone Service (ShatelTalk) to ease organizational phone calls
  • Offering content services such as Namava website with special offers for customers of bandwidth services
  • Maintaining the quality of communication and service stability by means of extensive measures and investments on software and hardware equipment

Most Important Customers of Shatel bandwidth services

Knowing some of Shatel’s well-known and valued customers, who are our largest asset, can give you a clearer picture of the wide range of Shatel services available to customers. Here you can view a list of customers using Shatel bandwidth services and know them better.

How can I use these services?

To use Shatel bandwidth services you can call Shatel in Tehran or Shatel agents all over the country.

  • Sales phone number: 91000000
  • Technical Support phone number: 91000000