Saturday، 3 September 2022
Special Offer for Shatel Users!

Special Offer for Shatel Users!

50% Discount to Purchase or Renew 1-month Subscription to Namava to Watch Thousands of Movies & Series with No Data Usage

Using Shatel amazing offer, Shatel users can have an unlimited access to a world of movies, series, animation and entertainment.

Shatel users can benefit from a 50% discount on 1-month subscription to Namava, and create memorable moments while watching series such as Women’s Secret Network, Party, Lily’s Turn, The Magician, Once Upon a Time Mars and tens of Iranian and foreign movies, animations, anime and series with no data usage.

This offer is available to all Shatel users until September 21.

How to purchase and activate the subscription:

To take advantage of this special discount, Shatel users can log into MyShatel website and purchase 1-month subscription to Namava. When the payment is done, they will receive an activation code.

To use the code, users need to visit Namava website. If they have not signed up on Namava yet, first they need to sign up, then enter the code in “Enter discount code and/or gift code” box.

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For more information, you can call 91000000 throughout the country or, in Kuhgiluye and Boyer Ahmad and Ilam, the phone numbers announced on Shatel website.