Sunday، 20 March 2022
Thousands of Special Gifts for Customer Club Members

Thousands of Special Gifts for Customer Club Members

On the coming Nowruz, you have the opportunity to try your luck to receive a Nowruz gift from Shatel by visiting Shatel Customer Club from March 21 to April 2, 2022.

To receive Shatel Nowruz gift for club members, you need to go through the following steps:

  1. Log in to the customer club using your MyShatel username and password (If you have not joined the Customer Club yet, sign up using your Myshatel username and password).
  2. Get the special code for Nowruz prize wheel on Shatel Services page.
  3. Visit the special page of the offer.
  4. Enter the code and spin the wheel.
  5. Get your Nowruz gift!

In this Nowruz prize wheel, thousands of gifts including Namava TV sets, high-speed Internet modems, various internet packages, free subscriptions to Namava, customer club points, etc. have been considered for you.

Be the lucky winner of special gifts in the first Nowruz of the century by spinning Nowruz prize wheel.

May your Nowruz moments be full of happiness and hope!