Tuesday، 30 November 2021
Shila tastes good for Shatel Users

Shila tastes good for Shatel Users

Shatel users in Tehran can enjoy a special discount on online food purchases from Shila website.

Based on the agreements made with the online sales department of Shila chain restaurants, Shatel users can receive a discount code from Shatel customer club and get a 20% discount, up to 20,000 Tomans, on online purchases from the website of this chain restaurant.

You can get the discount code from Shatel Customer Club and then select the food on Shila website, order it and enter the “discount code” in the special row considered for discount codes at the payment stage.

Due to the geographical location of Shila chain restaurants, this discount is only available to Shatel users in Tehran.

Each discount code can be used only once, but users can receive as many codes as they need.

Shila chain restaurants started in 1999 by young food industry graduates of the University of Tehran. The purpose of establishing this restaurant was to provide quality and distinctive food, along with providing customer satisfaction and trust. Shila now has 26 branches throughout Tehran and continues to develop its activities according to a detailed plan.