Most Important Specifications and Features of NBG-418N v2 Access Point

  • Wireless data transfer (N series) with data transfer rates of 300Mbps
  • Two detachable 5 dbi antennas for wider coverage
  • Supporting Wireless Standards including 802.11 b / g / n
  • 4 LAN ports with 10 / 100Mbps transfer rates, MDI / MDIX support and WAN ports to connect to the modem for Internet access
  • Supporting 64-bit and 128-bit encryption algorithms such as WPA / WPA2 with a high wireless security
  • Capable of making connections via Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) for easy connection to devices with this feature
  • Optimization of Power Saving Management
  • Ability to simultaneously create multiple network names (SSID)
  • Ability to send data on different modes (Router, Access Point, Universal Repeater, Client Bridge)
  • Ability to automatically change IP and router settings following changes in the mode
  • Ability to set up Internet connection on Access Point
  • Bandwidth management through bandwidth limitation for different systems
  • Managing wireless device connections through Mac Filtering
  • Supporting Multicast protocols such as (v1 / v2) IGMP Snooping (for example, to view the Access Point settings page via the Internet)
  • Possibility to connect to different devices (CCTV, microphone, computer, Internet telephony, etc.)
  • Restricting and scheduling a wireless service based on the date and time for usage management (Wireless Schedule)
  • Auto Channel Detection to find the best wireless connection channel between devices
  • Price: 850/000 Tomans