Offering Dedicated Server Services (Dedicated Server)

Companies and organizations that, for any reason, are willing to use a dedicated server can benefit from this service. Customers of this service of Shatel can, according to their needs, enjoy the privilege of using a dedicated Shatel Data Center server with their desired features.
Large corporations and organizations, news agencies, content providers, online stores, and all institutions that somehow deal with the production and delivery of content to their audience can benefit from this service according to their needs. The dedicated server service allows customers to use their requested bandwidth and all available space on the server’s hard disk.
Using this service, customers can also manage and control their own dedicated servers and decide on the installment and monitoring of the software and programs on their servers.

Most Important Features

Customers of this service will benefit from the following benefits when using dedicated Shatel servers:

  • Possibility to choose the technical specifications (hardware and software) of the server according to customer’s needs
  • Being decision maker and independent in selecting the contents of the Server hard disk
  • Benefiting from environmental facilities of Shatel Data Center (design in accordance with the latest global technologies, standard shelves, ventilation system and constant temperature control, humidity control, etc.)
  • Enjoying twenty-four hour technical support throughout the year
  • Permanent and uninterrupted power supply and the use of backup power system
  • Smart fire prevention and fighting system
  • Permanent monitoring system to secure the servers’ physical security
  • Provision of information security using the most advanced and up-to-date security software
  • Twenty-four hour support throughout the year
  • Enjoying the highest bandwidth in the country and high-speed connection with networks
  • Benefiting from optimal server management solutions and technical consultancy on server support
  • Installment, set up and fixing problems in the shortest possible time
  • Stability of service quality throughout the year

For more information on Shatel Services in this field, please contact the Broadband and Specific Solutions Department.