Offering Virtual Private Server Services

Shatel Virtual Private Server Service (VPS) is an opportunity to take advantage of a dedicated space on a server that is shared among multiple clients. In this service, each section created by the software acts completely as a dedicated server, in other words, it provides the customer with a dedicated virtual server.
Companies and organizations that need less space than a server can benefit from this service and use the features of a dedicated server in a more limited space and at a lower cost. Virtual server applicants can choose hardware and software specifications of their virtual server and benefit from the unique bandwidth and connection speed of Shatel network.

Most important features:

  • Possibility to choose the technical specifications (hardware and software) of the server according to customer’s needs
  • Achieving the highest quality performance and efficiency similar to dedicated servers
  • Benefiting from environmental facilities of Shatel Data Center (design in accordance with the latest global technologies, standard shelves, ventilation system and constant temperature control, humidity control, etc.)
  • Enjoying twenty-four hour technical support throughout the year
  • Permanent and uninterrupted power supply and the use of backup power system
  • Smart fire prevention and fighting system
  • Permanent monitoring system to secure the servers’ physical security
  • Provision of information security using the most advanced and up-to-date security software
  • Twenty-four hour support throughout the year
  • Enjoying the highest bandwidth in the country and high-speed connection with networks
  • Benefiting from optimal server management solutions and technical consultancy on server support
  • Installment, set up and fixing problems in the shortest possible time
  • Stability of service quality throughout the year

For more information on Shatel Services in this field, please contact the Broadband and Specific Solutions Department.