Point-to-point Connection Services

Another service that Shatel Group of Companies offers in order to complete its products and services portfolio, is the creation of virtual private networks service. A wide range of organizations and institutions are currently utilizing this service of Shatel Group of Companies. The delivery of this service requires holding expert meetings to identify the needs and, finally, design a suitable technical plan in accordance with customer’s needs and conditions.


Point-to-point connection service is an opportunity to transfer private traffic over the public network. Typically, point-to-point connection is used to connect two private networks through a public network such as the Internet. A private network is a network that is not freely available to the public. Generally, to establish a point-to-point connection, two or more private networks are connected to one another through an encrypted tunnel. In fact, it keeps the information, which is being exchanged on the public network, invisible to other users. Point-to-point connection can be divided into different types depending on the implementation method and goals. Based on the data transmission platforms, including the Internet, intra and inter-city communications, or based on the used technologies such as MPLS, VPLS, VLAN, L2TP, and various types of IP tunnels, this service can be categorized in the form of Layers 2 and 3. This makes the connection of the internal network of two organizations, or a company throughout the city or country possible. It is also possible to make telephone calls on the extensions of the organization through the connection between the telephone centers. The delivery of this service requires holding expert meetings to identify the needs and, finally, design a suitable technical plan in accordance with the requirements and needs of the customer.

  • Shatel Infrastructure Network
  • Most Important Features
  • Why Shatel point-to-point services

The infrastructure network services currently provided by Shatel Group of Companies can be categorized as follows:

  • Virtual Backbone or Network created by Shatel Group of Companies throughout the country 

Virtual Backbone or virtual infrastructure service allows organizations to create their virtual network on the extended ART network and directly control it. In this part of its services, Shatel, by means of its advanced technology in the Access layer, allows customers to connect to their virtual networks without being concerned with additional cost of the equipment, network redesign, availability of telecommunication facilities, the quality of telecommunication lines and distance from the centers.
These services, in addition to being cost saving, enable organizations to have access to a guaranteed quality service and 24-hour customer support for the virtual network.

  • Layer 2 Infrastructure Network

This service is a non-protocol service, which allows the user to use their own protocols such as IPX, IPv6, IPv4 and other protocols on their virtual infrastructure network. The advantages of this service include points such as complete customer control over technical issues of the network such as routing, traffic control, and service quality.

  • Layer 3 Infrastructure Network

MPLS technology is used in this service which is also known as MPLS / BGP. In this service the customer will not be engaged with the complexity of routing protocols, and the service provider is responsible for issues such as the quality of service, layer 3 routing, and other complexities. Users can, without getting involved in complexities of the infrastructure, connect to their virtual infrastructure network through a connection with any of Points of Presence (PoP) of Shatel extended network across the country and easily exchange information.

The most important features of virtual private network services (point-to-point connection) of Shatel Group of Companies can be listed as follows:

  • Capable of providing services throughout the country
  • Capable of providing a layer 2 point-to-point connection in the form of Any Transport over MPLS over Ethernet
  • Offering consultation on deployment of and intra-routing in VPN networks
  • Using IPSec to increase security of the information and communications

Shatel offers a lot of benefits to customers in its point-to-point connection services. There are many reasons to use Shatel point-to-point services, the most important of which are the following:

  • Quality of Service (QoS)

    Shatel Quality Control Unit, in cooperation with Shatel experienced staff, guarantees offering quality service to its customers. This quality includes all stages of the work, from consultation and presentation of the solution to the implementation of the service and service support.
  • Capable of providing services throughout the country

    Another feature of shatel point to point connection services is the possibility of provision of the services throughout the country.
  • Using IPSec to increase security of the information and communications

    By using special equipment, Shatel protects all its customers against viruses, worms and spam infiltration. All ports that are likely to infiltrate viruses and worms will be blocked by this equipment, and all customers who have this kind of problems will be notified so that they can quickly resolve the problem with the help of Shatel experts.
    Furthermore, Shatel increases the security of information and data exchanged on customers’ private networks by using IPSec.
  • Providing creative services

    Creativity, innovation and delivering modern solutions based on the latest technology, are among the most important success factors of Shatel Group of Companies, which, in addition to gaining customers satisfaction, have enabled Shatel to always welcome new technology findings. The presence of this attitude in the organization ensures customers that they have access to the latest and most advanced technologies in the services. The use of these tools has also caused the communication with customers (from pursuing issues related to customer affairs to informing customers of new services and products) to be done promptly and on time.
  • 24-hour technical support

    Shatel technical support team is ready to respond customers 24/7/365. Members of the team try to provide customers with services in the shortest time possible by giving timely responses to their requests and problems.
  • Offering consultation on implementation and intra-routing of point-to-point connection networks

    One of Shatel’s unique services is offering consultation on the implementation and intra-routing of point-to-point connection networks. Shatel technical experts are ready to provide customers with consultation on the launch and implementation of point-to-point connection networks. This service is part of Shatel private network services package.