Business SIM Card

Relying on its technical infrastructure and professional experience, Shatel Mobile provides various and specialized solutions in the field of mobile phones to organizations and institutions. The solutions that can be provided to organizations are divided into two general categories:

Basic solutions: which can be offered to all organizations in the form of Enterprise products and services on a mobile platform.

Advanced Solutions: will be designed, customized and provided based on the needs of the client’s industry (organization). In this category of solutions, the telecommunications platform as a complement to the customer value chain, from supply to support, along with other existing infrastructure, leads to the creation of new value and helps the organization to maximize opportunities. Shatel Mobile solutions for organizations are as follows:

  • Providing mobile and SIM card services to enterprise users (employees or clients of the organization)
  • Diverse and specialized enterprise solutions
  • Providing an account for the organization to manage accounts and SIM cards
  • Providing static IP on SIM card
  • Providing LTE services to organizations (employees or clients)
  • LTE mobile internet on 4th and 4.5th generation of cellular network
  • Dedicated phone network on mobile platform
  • Creating a secure virtual network between the organization’s headquarters and its servers for data exchange (APN-VPN)
  • Providing location-based services such as advertising, navigation, tracking, caller identification and customer targeting
  • Sending bulk SMS
  • Sending and receiving information from clients and contacts through USSD codes
  • M2M and IoT solutions