Dedicated Bandwidth Solution

Providing bandwidth services to organizations and companies is another service that Shatel group of companies provides to facilitate access to the Internet and the make communication between different geographical locations and different centers and offices of organizations possible.

Companies and organizations using these services can permanently benefit from high-speed Internet services and its features.

The most important features that differentiate Shatel bandwidth service from similar services of partner companies are:

  • Owning the highest internet bandwidth in the country
  • Owning the greatest number of international routes to receive Internet bandwidth from the infrastructure communications company using Redundant equipment
  • Owning a bandwidth transmission network with a capacity of tens of gigabits per second to transmit bandwidth to all provinces of the country with backup routes
  • Owning 24/7 call center in 30 provinces of the country
  • Offering 24/7 customer service through a dedicated call center (and hotline)
  • Network management by about 100 trained and experienced experts in NOC and 200 network maintenance personnel at headquarters
  • Being proud of providing services to about one thousand organizations and institutions, as well as providing telecommunication network bandwidth in half of the country’s provinces
  • A network access coefficient far higher than the requirements set by the Communications Regulatory Authority
  • Low risk of attacks (such as DDoS) using international solutions for network attacks
  • Appropriate User Experience through various network solutions (Network Optimization)
  • Providing services such as DNS to customers of Internet bandwidth to improve user experience
  • Wireless Bandwidth
  • Most Important Features
  • Why Shatel Bandwidth Services

Wireless service provision is another way that Shatel group of companies uses to provide their services. These services can be provided in all areas where it is not possible to use the wire or the customer is so far from the telecommunication centers that it is not possible for the customer to communicate using wires.

In addition, customers who need more bandwidth or do not want to change the use of their phone line, can use these services to access the desired bandwidth. In this method, using specific frequency bands, an over-the-air communication is established between Shatel and the organization.

It should be noted that the frequency bands previously used for over-the-air communication were 2.4 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands, which are being saturated due to overuse. Accordingly, in order to provide the best possible quality of service and solve the mentioned problem, Shatel group of companies has dedicated certain frequency bands and provides its wireless services to the customers through the mentioned dedicated bands.

Shatel, by using other frequencies in addition to the mentioned frequencies, and obtaining the official license from Communications Regulatory Authority to use these frequencies, provides the wireless links to the customers using a modern method free of noise. The main advantage is to provide very stable and quality links to customers who do not need to maintain and monitor the frequency. In fact, the problems caused by frequency interference, which has always been a problem in Tehran and major cities in Iran, will be solved.

Providing bandwidth in wireless method

In the wireless method, communication between different centers or geographical locations of companies and organizations is done as follows:

  • Creating a communication channel by Shatel
    To establish over-the-air communication between two different points, there must be a line of sight (or LOS) between the provider and the customer organization. Shatel company has made this possible by installing masts in its places of presence (POPSites). Therefore, it is possible to communicate with more customers in different geographical locations.
  • Controlling frequency interference with other centers
    After creating a communication channel, it must be ensured that the desired frequency capacity is not saturated and there is no frequency interference with other centers. This problem has been largely anticipated and addressed due to Shatel’s proprietary use of special frequency bands.
  • Receiving waves at the customer organization location
    As mentioned before, in order to receive communication waves, there must be a direct line of sight between the server and the client. Depending on the location of the customer organization, sometimes this line of sight is established without the need for placing a rig at the customer’s location and sometimes it is needed for a rig to be installed. An antenna and a radio receiver are also used to receive these waves and establish communication.In cases where it is not possible to establish direct line of sight (LOS), using special equipment allows non-line-of-sight (NLOS) method. In this method, although there is no direct line of sight, it will be possible to send bandwidth to the customer. But this bandwidth is limited. In this method, the bandwidth usually reaches several megabytes per second.
    After establishing the communication, the customer organization can use the Internet services 24 hours a day, thousands of times faster than the Dial Up method. In this method, in proportion to the purchased bandwidth, it is possible for tens of users to communicate simultaneously and to connect users’ networks in different geographical points and even in separate buildings and cities. Currently, several customers and organizations, including ISPs and ISDPs (large public and private organizations) across the country, use this group of Shatel services and benefit from the comprehensive and dedicated support.

Features of Shatel Wireless Services

The most important features of Shatel wireless bandwidth service can be listed as follows:

  • Continuous access to Internet services with a speed thousands of times faster than that of dial Up services
  • Using dedicated bandwidth with equal or unequal receiving and sending speeds depending on the service chosen
  • Communication between different parts of the organization and in separate buildings
  • Security of customer data and information
  • Dedicated 24-hour support and service quality monitoring
  • Using dedicated frequency bands to provide services
  • Multiple POPsites to provide services to more customers

Using these services provides many opportunities for companies and organizations and being informed of them can help in choosing these services. Here are some of the features:

  • Permanent Internet access without disconnection and with no need to dial up
  • Establishing communication between companies and their centers and agents
  • Continuous monitoring and 24-hour support services by means of state of the art and efficient tools
  • Using the most modern and advanced hardware equipment to establish communication
  • Benefiting from high quality services without the need to go through telecommunication processes
  • Ensuring data security and confidentiality
  • Monitoring the organization by means of security cameras

Owning experienced technical staff and modern and advanced equipment, Shatel provides quality and unique services to its customers. The reasons for choosing Shatel as the service provider can be stated as follows:

  • Providing consultation on the provision of broadband services (referring to the ISDP license for other provinces of the country)
    Shatel helps customers with helpful consultations on broadband services. Customers, if needed, can consult with Shatel before applying for the services.
  • Appropriate coverage of most parts of Tehran
    Providing high-capacity broadband services in most parts of Tehran using one of the wired or wireless methods is one of the most important features of Shatel broadband services.
  • Agility and flexibility
    Shatel young and creative staff have become agile and flexible through acquiring new knowledge and learning new technologies and belief in the culture of criticism in the organization. This agility and flexibility has provided a good basis for improving the quality of services and timely responses to customers.
    All customers of dedicated services can make full use of their purchased bandwidth.
  • Ensuring data security and confidentiality
    Shatel uses special equipment to protect all its customers against viruses, worms and spam. All ports through which viruses and attacks are likely to penetrate are blocked by means of this equipment, and all customers who have such problems are notified so that they can contact Shatel experts to solve their problem.
  • Service provision throughout the country
    One of the features of Shatel broadband services is that the service can be provided all over the country. Customers anywhere in the country can benefit from Shatel services.
  • Permanent monitoring and controlling system
    Shatel regularly monitors services using the most well-equipped and advanced hardware equipment. Also, monitoring the organization by means of security cameras ensures that customer service is always under control.
  • Benefitting from high quality services with no need to go through processes in telecommunication centers
    Shatel provides the highest quality services to customers by completing processes in telecommunication centers for customers, which also reduces time needed for service provision.
  • Reasonable price compared to service quality
    Cost reduction while maintaining quality is one of the features of Shatel broadband services. Due to the number of customers of Shatel broadband services, it is possible to provide a dedicated service at a reasonable price for customers.
  • Benefitting from 24-hour technical support and monitoring services
    Shatel technical support team monitors customer service 24/7/365. Members of this team try to provide services in the shortest possible time by responding to customers’ requests and problems in a timely manner.