Update your enterprise solution.
The emergence of new communication technologies and the variety of options in communication solutions have more and more revealed the need for modernization of old solutions in businesses. As with other technology developments, the perspective of enterprise communications tends to be simple, fast and cost-effective, and Shatel Enterprise solution for fixed-line phones offers these features to your organization.
This solution allows you to make or receive multiple simultaneous calls to and from all destinations and operators, and allows you to receive your own Shatel fixed number without the need for separate lines, and create as many channels as you need on this number.

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Reducing Organization’s Phone Expenses

By means of Shatel Enterprise Solution for fixed-line phones, you can enjoy reasonable tariffs to call all destinations and reduce your phone expenses.

Shatel Enterprise fixed-line Call Tariffs

Title Tariff (Rial)*
per minute for provincial calls to fixed-lines 40
per minute for inter-provincial calls to fixed-lines 300
per minute for calls from fixed-lines to mobile phones 570
per minute for provincial calls to Shatel numbers 40
per minute for inter-provincial calls to Shatel numbers 300

* The cost of the calls through Shatel Enterprise fixed-line is 10% lower than the approved rate.

Easy cost management without the need for periodic payments and just by purchasing a charge

Shatel Enterprise fixed-line solution is offered as a prepaid service, and enterprise subscribers do not need to make periodic payments, and can only make calls by purchasing a charge.
Scalable, Flexible and Customizable
It does not matter if you are a small, newly established company or a long-established organization; you can revolutionize your business by means of the latest technological advances. Due to the scalability, flexibility and customizable nature of Shatel Enterprise fixed-line service, businesses can have access to as many phone lines as they need, and can easily increase or decrease the number of lines at any time.
Use an Up-to-date and Effective Solution
The fixed-line solution has some advantages over traditional services, such as minimum dependency on equipment, old communication links and complicated networks, and eliminating the 30-line purchase limit. (In current purchasing methods, customers have to purchase 30 lines.)
You can use this Shatel Enterprise solution right now without having to change your old telephone equipment, and take advantage of all of its benefits.
Quality Assurance of Daily Phone Calls
In Internet calls, there may be an inconvenience in the peak times of Internet traffic, which is why Shatel ensures the quality of your business calls by providing a dedicated platform for its Enterprise fixed-line solution.
Ability to Choose the Desired Number
The customers of Shatel Enterprise fixed-line solution can choose from among gold or silver vanity phone numbers and choose the numbers following it as they need.
Number Masking Solution

Providing online and telephone services to customers, in many cases, requires direct telephone contact between the employees of the service provider and the customer; employees of these companies may have to make calls on their mobile phones to the customer’s mobile phone, and on the other hand, the customer may need to call the employees’ mobile number. Number Masking is the smart Enterprise ShatelTalk solution that helps businesses protect the privacy of employees and customers and provides a secure connection. So, neither side sees each other’s contact number, and at the same time they can easily make phone calls to each other.

In general, phone numbers are available to clients in two forms of provincial fixed-lines and portable fixed-lines.

  • By using provincial fixed-line phone numbers, if you transfer your business address to any other location in the province, your phone number will be kept and there will be no need to re-select a phone number, and there will be no surplus costs for advertising the new phone number.
  • With portable fixed-line numbers, it is possible for businesses to activate their number across the country. With portable fixed-line numbers, it is possible to contact all business branches with a fixed number and without the need to enter the prefix of the province. Shatel portable fixed-line phone numbers with much lower inter-provincial call tariffs comparing to other operators will increase your business productivity.

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