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Optimal Broadband

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Optimal Broadband Services

Shatel’s Optimal Broadband service offers stable and high-quality internet to businesses (similar to the Dedicated Broadband service), particularly small and medium-sized ones. The key distinction lies in the Internet allowance provided. Optimal Broadband is ideal for organizations and businesses requiring high speed with limited and predictable Internet allowance based on their consumption behavior. Startups, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, and administrative centers are some of the key users of this solution.

Benefits of Shatel Server Hosting Services

What is the difference between optimal broadband and dedicated broadband?

Unlike dedicated broadband, optimal broadband has a restricted internet allowance. Furthermore, while this service offers 24-hour support, for organizations that prioritize information security, we suggest utilizing Shatel’s dedicated broadband as it ensures continuous monitoring.

Is it possible to buy excess internet package?

Yes, it is always possible to purchase internet packages as desired and required.

Can the unused internet data be carried forward to the following month?

No, the internet allocated to users is only valid for the current month and cannot be carried forward to the subsequent period.

Which types of businesses can benefit from this service?

This service is ideal for startups, hotels, educational centers, medical centers, and other small to medium-sized businesses that require high-speed Internet connectivity but have limited data usage requirements.

What infrastructure is necessary to purchase this service?

This service is provided on the basis of radio or special Shatel fiber infrastructure. You will also need a router to set up this service.

Can the optimal broadband be adjusted to increase or decrease?

Yes, users have the ability to modify their service speed promptly by submitting a request to adjust the bandwidth up or down.

FAQ on Shatel Optimal Broadband

How to order Optimal Broadband Service

You may complete the form provided below to request a consultation or arrange for an in-person meeting. We will contact you as soon as possible.
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