Data Center Services

Relying on the existing technical infrastructure in its equipped data center located in several bases in Tehran, Shatel has succeeded in providing the highest quality data center services to companies and organizations.

Currently, well-known customers and websites are among the users of Shatel data center services who are taking advantage of these services and professional support 24/7.

Some of the most important solutions offered in Shatel Data Center are as follows:

  • Co-Location Server Hosting
    Server hosting service is an efficient facility for any company, organization, or institution wishing to have a safe and standard space to maintain their servers. These services include assigning a part of Shatel data center space to organizations to, depending on their needs, maintain one or more dedicated servers on it.
  • Dedicated Server Services Dedicated Server
    Large corporations and organizations, news agencies, content providers, online stores, and all institutions that somehow deal with the production and delivery of content to their audience can benefit from this service according to their needs. The dedicated server service allows customers to use their requested bandwidth and all available space on the server’s hard disk.
  • Virtual Private Server ServicesVirtual Private Server
    Companies and organizations that need less space than a server can benefit from this service and use the features of a dedicated server in a more limited space and at a lower cost. Virtual server applicants can choose hardware and software specifications of their virtual server and benefit from the unique bandwidth and connection speed of Shatel network.

Most important features of Shatel Data Center Services

  • Taking advantage of Shatel Data Center environmental features (a design in accordance with the latest global technologies, standard shelves, ventilation system and constant temperature control, humidity control, etc.)
  • Twenty-four-hour support throughout the year
  • Permanent and uninterrupted power supply and the use of backup power system
  • Smart fire prevention and fighting system
  • Permanent monitoring system to ensure the servers physical security
  • Provision of information security using the most advanced and up-to-date security software
  • Enjoying the highest bandwidth in the country and high-speed connection with network
  • Benefiting from optimal server management solutions and technical consultancy on server support
  • Installment, set up and trouble shooting in the shortest possible time
  • Stability of service quality throughout the year