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Enterprise Phone Service (VoIP)

A reliable solution for all types of businesses

Shatel has introduced two unique solutions for enterprise phone services, considering the varying conditions of organizations: Enterprise landline phone (ShatelTalk) and cloud call center (Cloud ShatelTalk).

Shatel enterprise landline phone utilizes SIP Trunk technology for making phone calls and facilitates superior phone communication across multiple platforms such as optical fiber, ADSL, radio waves, SIM card routers, and copper wires.

The cloud call center, also known as the cloud phone, operates on cloud technology, eliminating the need for businesses to invest in physical servers and manpower for call center setup.

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Enterprise landline phone (ShatelTalk)

A quick, simple and affordable solution

The VoIP-based enterprise landline solution aims to offer businesses with efficient, straightforward, and budget-friendly communication services. By utilizing the network platform and SIP TRUNK protocol, this service eliminates the constraints associated with traditional enterprise phone systems.

The enterprise landline phone allows all operators to engage in numerous incoming, outgoing, and international calls simultaneously, while also offering an unlimited number of channels without requiring individual telephone lines.

In general, the utilization of VoIP phones enables organizations to effectively decrease costs while enhancing communication quality.

Cloud Call Center (Cloud ShatelTalk)

Accessible at any location and at any given time

Cloud phone (Hosted PBX) equips managers with all the essential tools for efficient call center administration while minimizing call center management expenses by eliminating the necessity for enterprise phone infrastructure, such as physical servers. Furthermore, cloud technology enables companies to effortlessly expand the capacity of the cloud phone system indefinitely and rapidly scale their operations.

ShatelTalk Cloud makes it possible to record phone calls and generate reports for enhanced call monitoring. Additionally, it provides the capability to customize IVR and receive complimentary assistance to streamline business operations.


Most Important Features of Enterprise Phone Services:

Cost of telephone calls on Shatel enterprise landline

Description Price (Rial)
Every minute of landline-to-landline call within the province 40
Every minute of landline-to-landline call between provinces 300
Every minute of landline-to-landline call between provinces 570

Every minute of landline-to-landline call between provinces

FAQ on Shatel enterprise phone solution

Yes, Enterprise ShatelTalk service has the feature that makes it possible to offer a single number throughout the country.

The subscriber is charged a one-time fee for channels and numbers for permanent use, while the call credit is the only fee paid based on individual needs.

It is feasible to exponentially expand the number of simultaneous calls based on the customer’s requirements and the capabilities of the service platform. With the necessary infrastructure in place, the quantity of simultaneous calls can be swiftly escalated to any desired level.

When it comes to providing online and telephone services to customers, maintaining the privacy of both employees and customers is crucial. In certain situations, direct telephone calls between the company’s employees and the customers are necessary. For instance, employees may need to make calls from their personal mobile phones to the customer’s mobile phone, or vice versa, the customer may need to call the employee’s mobile phone number. To ensure privacy, ShatelTalk utilizes the Number Masking solution, which enables a secure call without revealing either party’s phone number. With this method, both parties can easily communicate with each other while keeping their phone numbers confidential.

SIP TRUNK is a viable alternative to analog telephone lines or E1 lines. Utilizing this advanced protocol enables the capability to place or receive calls simultaneously on a single phone number, ranging from a minimum of 5 to an unlimited number, depending on the customer’s requirements. These calls can seamlessly integrate with the organization’s PBX device, allowing for incoming, outgoing, and even international calls to be made over the network. In the presence of a PBX device within the organization, Shatel can offer the enterprise ShatelTalk service on the same system, without any limitations on the number of simultaneous calls.

Yes. Indeed, it is possible to avail the service on various platforms including wireless, DSL, and fiber. This flexibility allows us to extend our service coverage across the entire province and cater to different geographical areas based on specific conditions. Should you need to relocate, simply notify our sales team about your new geographic location.

The Enterprise ShatelTalk service offers after-sales service and technical support to businesses 24/7, 365 days a year. To receive assistance, simply contact Shatel or submit a ticket.

Yes, it is indeed feasible to access various services concurrently on a single platform. For instance, one can avail dedicated bandwidth and enterprise ShatelTalk simultaneously on the same platform by making a single payment for the equipment.

Yes, this service can be used both in IP-based hardware call centers and in network-based call centers such as Asterisk, Isabel, etc.

The call center within organizations serves as a tool or a collection of equipment primarily responsible for overseeing and facilitating the flow of incoming and outgoing calls for users, while also establishing internal communication channels. Over time, telephone centers have evolved to offer a range of types and features, with the latest iteration being network-based or VoIP (Voice over IP) call centers.

VoIP stands out due to its utilization of a network platform to transmit voice. This characteristic has significantly diminished the constraints faced by earlier call center iterations. Consequently, this technology can be employed at any stage of growth, facilitating connections across the globe and enabling the implementation of diverse functionalities.

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