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Dedicated Internet
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Dedicated Broadband

Organizations can acquire the necessary internet broadband, of superior quality and without any contention ratio, by opting for a specialized bandwidth solution. This solution is particularly ideal for businesses and organizations seeking unlimited internet access, as it can be seamlessly integrated into either wireless or optical fiber platforms.

Furthermore, the utilization of wireless technology to access broadband is an ideal alternative in regions where wired connections are not feasible or where customers are located far away from telecommunication hubs, rendering wired communication impractical. Through the implementation of designated frequency bands, Shatel establishes seamless air communication between their organization and the customer’s location.

Benefits of Shatel Server Hosting Services

Is the speed of Dedicated Broadband service ensured?

Indeed, this service is accompanied by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 98%.

Which provinces is this service available in?

At present, this service is available in all provinces across the country.

Is there a fee involved in conducting a feasibility test for a Dedicated Broadband service?

No, the feasibility test is carried out in person and does not incur any charges.

What type of infrastructure is necessary to access Shatel's Dedicated Broadband service?

The essential infrastructure needed for this service includes fiber or radio, as well as a router within the network.

Is it possible to buy a service that is asymmetric (where the upload speed is greater than the download speed)?

Yes, this service is tailored to the specific needs of every individual customer to ensure a completely personalized experience.

Is IP provided to customers when they purchase Dedicated Broadband?

Yes, it is possible to get a static IP on all Dedicated Broadband services.

Is there a cap on the internet allowance for the Dedicated Broadband service?

No, there is no cap.

Can all applicants receive this service?

The feasibility test can be done by either completing the application form or contacting 02191000999.

Is Dedicated Broadband service also available to natural persons?

Yes, there are no restrictions to this.

How to choose the appropriate speed of internet Broadband service?

In order to determine the optimal speed of the service for your needs, you may seek help from the sales team experts at Shatel’s enterprise solutions. Alternatively, you can gauge the suitable speed based on the needs of your organization or business, as well as the number of users utilizing this service.

FAQ on Shatel Dedicated Broadband

How to order Dedicated Broadband service

You may complete the form provided below to request a consultation or arrange for an in-person meeting. Our team members will contact you as soon as possible.
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