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Colocation (Server Hosting)
Ensuring the security of servers

میزبانی سرور  Colocation

Colocation Services in Data Center

Colocation is a highly effective solution for safeguarding business servers against physical damage and cyber-attacks. By utilizing colocation services, also known as server hosting, companies can securely house their servers in a data center’s controlled environment under the watchful eye of experienced professionals.

Shatel, with over twenty years of experience in the communication and information infrastructure industry, ensures top-notch server security and round-the-clock server accessibility. By opting for Shatel’s colocation service, businesses can effectively mitigate server maintenance risks and achieve substantial cost savings.

Benefits of Shatel Server Hosting Services

What is data center?

A data center serves as a facility for storing data and managing the servers, routers, and other hardware equipment of businesses. The growing number of data centers worldwide and the strong demand from companies to lease data center space highlight the significant role of data center infrastructure for emerging enterprises.

Which equipment did Shatel utilize for designing the data center?

Shatel’s data centers have been meticulously designed to offer users a distinct level of service within one of Iran’s most renowned data centers. This has been achieved by allocating a substantial area for enhanced functionality. Moreover, the incorporation of cutting-edge equipment, including cooling systems, fire extinguishing devices, backup power supply, and CCTV cameras, has transformed this data center into a dependable hub for Iran’s largest enterprises.

What is colocation and what are its advantages?

Large and small organizations and companies, often maintain a server room to house their hardware and network equipment. The primary focus of these entities is to safeguard the physical integrity of their servers and ensure their stability and security. To achieve this, they opt to lease server storage space from specialized data center providers that offer colocation infrastructure and data sharing services. By doing so, these organizations not only minimize server maintenance expenses but also guarantee the protection of their valuable data.

How scalable is Shatel data center space?

IT managers and business owners are constantly confronted with the challenge of accommodating server expansion due to limited space in their data centers. However, Shatel offers a solution by providing the flexibility to expand server hosting space according to the specific requirements of companies. This scalability feature ensures that businesses can easily scale up their server infrastructure.

How can Shatel's server hosting services effectively manage expenses?

If businesses want to personally take responsibility for server hosting, they will need a variety of equipment and facilities, including cooling systems, UPS, fire suppression systems, human resources, bandwidth provisioning, and security infrastructure. Moreover, the equipment must be supervised around the clock. It is important to note that setting up all these components entails a substantial financial investment. On the other hand, the expenses associated with server colocation are significantly lower and more cost-effective for businesses.

What kind of support does Shatel's datacenter provide?

Shatel’s datacenter offers round-the-clock support and monitoring services for its colocation service, ensuring that businesses can rely on their expertise to prevent and resolve any disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions of Shatel Colocation Services

How to apply for Shatel server hosting services

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