Public Telephone

Another telephony service provided by Shatel is public telephone solution which is provided to public places such as military bases across the country.

Shatel public telephone services have been launched in order to realize Shatel strategies in the development of landline telephone services in the country, and its goal is to set up public telephone booths in places where people, for any reason, do not have access to or cannot use their own telephones.

Shatel is the first communications service provider in the private sector of the country, which has provided these services in some public places, including military bases, since 2019, after receiving a license from the Supplier Management System (Samta).

To provide these services, Shatel prepares and installs the required infrastructure and equipment at the place, and after setting up telephone booths in that area, it provides the users with the phone services by selling phone cards and recharge cards. In other words, by purchasing these cards, people can call all mobile or landline numbers from all over the country.

These services can be provided to all centers or public places, and applicants can contact Shatel Enterprise Solutions Dept. at 91000001 – ext. 579 for more information.