Wednesday، 20 April 2022
Use Tally Credit to Purchase up to 500,000 Tomans from Shatel & Repay One Month Later

Use Tally Credit to Purchase up to 500,000 Tomans from Shatel & Repay One Month Later

Shatel Customer Club members can use Tally’s 300 to 500 thousand Toman Buy Now Pay Later credits on Shatel wallet. Based on the agreements made with Tally, members of Shatel Customer Club all over the country can receive 300 to 500 thousand Tomans of credit from Tally and use it to buy products and services from online shops cooperating with Tally. Shatel users should repay this amount without paying any commission or interest in 35 days.This credit is available only on the page dedicated to Shatel users.
This credit is given to Shatel users without receiving a guarantor and only after authentication.
To receive this credit, first visit the dedicated page for Shatel users and enter your name and surname, national ID number, national card serial number and date of birth, go through the authentication steps so that the requested credit will be granted to you within 48 hours.
If after 35 days and despite the reminders, the received credit is not repaid, a fine of 3% will be added to the final amount and you will have another 3 months to settle this debt and after this period if the credit is still not repaid, the name of the recipient of the credit will be introduced to the country’s banking network and they will face difficulties in receiving check books or facilities in the future.
Tally is Asan Pardakht’s (App) credit service or “Buy Now Pay Later” application that offers users point of purchase credits up to a certain limit without receiving guarantors, and users can settle the debt one month after using this credit.