Sunday، 2 October 2022
Shatel’s Special Offer on First Days of Fall

Shatel’s Special Offer on First Days of Fall

Due to the warm welcome Shatel previous special offers received from the customers, Shatel has considered special discounts on Shatel internet packages on the first days of Fall. Existing customers can visit to purchase the following silver internet packages at unbelievable discounts from Oct 03 to 13, 2022.

* Shatel 20GB Silver Internet Package with a 40% discount priced at 48,000 Tomans

* Shatel 100GB Silver Internet package with a 50% discount priced at 190,000 Tomans

These packages will be valid for one year.

It is worth mentioning that Value Added Tax will be added to the mentioned prices. This offer will be available to customers in all cities around the country. The discount will only include these two packages and will not apply to other Shatel Internet packages.

Shatel users can purchase the packages through or MyShatel application.


The dedicated page of the Fall Shatel Festival

For more information about this, you can call 91000000 throughout the country or, in Kuhgiluye and Boyer Ahmad and Ilam, the phone numbers announced on Shatel website.

It is hoped that these conditions can help us keep our customers satisfied.