MPLS & VPLS Services

Point-to-point connection can be divided into different types depending on the method and objectives of implementation. The connection is possible based on data transfer platforms such as the Internet, communications within or between cities or based on technologies used such as VPLS and MPLS. This makes it possible to connect the internal network of two organizations, or offices of a company throughout a city or the country. It is also possible to make telephone calls through organization’s internal numbers and call centers. Providing this service requires holding expert meetings to identify the need and finally prepare a suitable technical plan considering customer’s conditions and needs.


MPLS is a mechanism in which each IP packet is assigned a label or tag and packet routing is done based on these tags. Each MPLS cloud connection point has a unique tag. This technique allows customers to create their own network throughout the country or with any type of protocol.


VPLS is a layer 2 network that allows MAC address to connect in the form of Multi Point on MPLS or IP platform. VPLS speeds up data transfer, and is much cheaper to implement and less complicated than MPLS service.

Some of the Advantages of VPLS & MPLS Services

  • Secure connection between offices and branches of an organization
  • Providing teleworking opportunity for employees
  • Increasing network speed and efficiency
  • Usage management
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Using a virtual private network or VPN
  • Suitable for connecting data centers and transmitting sensitive data
  • Compliance with Layer 2 and 3 protocols
  • Reduce data loss
  • Using a simultaneous communication platform for VPLS and MPLS